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Products > HDMI Products

Confused about WHICH HDMI Cable you need?  HDMI with Ethernet?  High-Speed vs Standard-Speed?  28AWG, 24, or 22AWG?  4.92, 10.2, or 15.2Gbps?  CL-2 or In-wall rated? Take the guess-work out of picking the RIGHT HDMI cable. Visit our HDMI Cable Help Center now! We will provide you EXPERT advice on cable gauge, speed, and features without the up-sell found at your local BIG-BOX store.

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Select your HDMI Cable by a SPECIFIC LENGTH from 1.5ft to 1000ft. Both Standard and HIGH SPEED cables shown here

All Types, SORTED by Length
STANDARD and HIGH SPEED HDMI Cables, All Types, All Grades, and All Speeds sorted by Lengths from Shortest to Longest

High Speed
Certified to 18Gbps or Faster (v2.0 HDMI Test Specs) for Advanced Blue Ray, 4Kx2K Devices, and 3D Technologies. ONLY our High-Speed rated cables are shown here

HDMI EXTREME Cables (to 15.2Gbps!)
Using thicker 26 and 24AWG silver plated copper wire, supported HEC, ARC, and 3D technologies. Ideal for use with Switches and Splitters

Providing the absolute BEST POSSIBLE HD Signal for your equipment! Lengths from 1.5-60 feet include Award-Winning REDMERE Chip for Re-Equalization

HDMI Fiber Optic Long Length Cables
Fiber Optic HDMI Cables for INCREDIBLE LONG HDMI runs supporting HIGH SPEED 18Gbps, 4K and 3D to 1000ft

HDMI Cables with 90/270 Degree Connectors
HDMI Cables WITH Ethernet, Audio Return, Full 3D Support, 4K Video built to the newest standards and revisions. Connect in hard to reach places with these 90 or 270 Degrees ANGLE HDMI Cable

HDMI Flat Cables
FLAT HDMI Cables WITH Ethernet, Audio Return, Full 3D Support, 4K Video built to the newest standards and revisions, ideal for running under carpet or other tight places

HDMI PLENUM Rated Cables
Business grade PLENUM Rated cables for installation in offices or schools where building code mandates PLENUM grade cabling

HDMI Cables, White
WHITE HDMI Cables WITH Ethernet, Audio Return, Full 3D Support, 4K Video built to the newest standards and revisions helps hide against a white background

HDMI - Commercial Grade w/Connecting Latch
Commercial-Grade HDMI cable with METAL ENDS and Locking Latches

HDMI to DVI Combo Cables
HDMI / DVI-I (Digital Single Link) Combination Cables, suitable for many cable box, projector, and DVI-D Video Outputs found on many of today's PCs

Standard Speed
Certified to 4.92Gbps suitable for Cable Boxes, Satellite Boxes, Media Boxes, and Most other STANDARD SPEED devices. We ONLY list cables here that can NOT meet High Speed speed ratings.

HDMI Extension Cables
MALE to FEMALE HDMI Extension Cables. Extend your Existing HDMI Cable.

Display Port/Mini-Display Port to HDMI
DisplayPort and Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI Cables

Ultra-SLIM HDMI Cables
Ultra-Slim HDMI Cables specialy designed for portable products

HDMI and DVI Adapters/Gender Changers
HDMI, DVI, VGA Adapters, and Gender Changers. Only adapters are listed in this sub-category. Need help determine your HDMI, DVI, or VGA connection type?

Micro HDMI
Micro (Type D) HDMI Cables, Adapters, and other Accessories

Mini HDMI (Type C) Cables, Adapters, and Accessories

HDMI Switches
Allow for mulitple HDMI devices to connect to a TVs Single HDMI input source, switching between 2 to 5 different HDMI devices. Always ATC Certified!

HDMI Splitters / Distributors / Matrix
Splitter or distribute your HDMI signal from a single source to Multiple TVs!

HDMI Boosters, Extenders, Equalizers
Extend the length of long length, or troublesome HDMI connections to eliminate sparkles and interferance

HDMI Wall Plates
Use our HDMI Wallplates for a clean, professional looking HDTV installation. Ideal for wall-mounted LCD/Plasma HDTVs.

HDMI-M1(DVI) Cables
HDMI / M1(DVI) Cables - commonly used for Projector systems that are specifying either a DVI-M1, M1-DVI, or M1-D end type connection.
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